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Ruach Live Cajon Hand Made

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  • Internal Kick Pedal
  • 3-Way Snare Lock
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Detachable Handles
  • icon Cherry Body

For the flagship Live Cajon, we have taken our unique snare switching system and adapted it to create a three way snare lock. The intuitive design of the three way snare locking system provides the musician with complete control over the high end snare sounds produced by the cajon, simply by adjusting the amount of contact between the snare wires and the tapa. Meanwhile the cherry veneered body combined with our bass pedal system maintains a tight, rich low end, making the Live Cajon our most sonically versatile cajon in the range. The internal aluminium structure provides a robust frame without adding noticeable weight or colouring the sound. In addition to the aluminium frame, detachable handles make the cajon incredibly easy to transport.


  • Internal Kick Pedal
  • 3-Way Snare Lock
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Detachable Handles
  • Rebated Ruach Sound Hole
  • Cherry Body
  • Rubber Feet
  • 50x30x30cm
  • Plants 1 tree


  • Internal Kick Pedal Nicknamed the “Drum Kit in a Box," external systems and bulky add-ons cause confusion to the Cajons identity. Sick and tired of cumbersome external pedal systems? Our answer is simple - the internal bass pedal system. By simply using your heel, this pedal engages a beater from inside the Cajon and provides the user with a deep bass note, imitating a kick pedal on an acoustic drum kit. Using aluminium tubing and framing in conjunction with nylon bushes, this bass pedal system meets the demands of every touring musician.
  • icon
    The Ruach Sound The unique sound hole featured on these Cajons allows for the production of bass frequencies that extend down into the low end of the spectrum. The bass pedal system ensures that the bass is tight and warm, adding attack to each hit. Taking care of the higher frequency range is the snare lock, which adds an overall shine to the sound of the Cajon and allows it to cut through in every live situation. The curvature at the top of the sound hole also fits into your hand easily, making transport that bit more comfortable.
  • 3-way snare lock The 3-way snare lock allows you to change your sound instantaneously when playing live, held consistent with the use of a cam system integrated into the aluminium framing. With a grip of the handle and a simple twist, change your sound in a heartbeat.
  • Aluminum framing In order to endure gig after gig, an internal aluminium frame has been introduced to give this instrument a solid structure. It helps to support the weight of the user and the demands of live gigs, whilst hosting the mechanisms that make this drum excel in the market place.
  • Detachable handles You can change the position of the handles to suit your playing style or detach handles for ease of transport. This is done by using a 4mm allen key (stored inside the Cajon) to slide the handle out, leaving a flush surface. This feature also allows for customisation in the future (shhh).

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