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ORTEGA RUWN-CE Concert Ukulele, Walnut

The Ortega RUWN-CE Concert Electro-Acoustic Ukulele, Walnut is constructed entirely from walnut, which produces a blend of earthy warm overtones, a present mid-range, and a bright top end with great projection. Its concert cutaway body is a popular choice for the ukulele soloist due to its extended range and 18 frets, allowing players to perform more technical skills with the freedom of an extended range to roam freely. Additionally, its cutaway profile offers added comfort and provides easy access to upper frets. Furthermore, the Ortega RUWN-CE features a okoume neck with a satin finish, which produces balance and a unique earthy tone, whilst its satin finish provides a smooth and enjoyable playing experience, as well as adding a sonic character to the guitar's sound, letting the neck's individual tonality come alive. The Ortega RUWN-CE also comes equipped with built-in Ortega electronics, offering basic sound tweaking options, perfect for the performing ukulele player.

Full Description

Walnut Body

The Ortega RUWN-CE Concert Ukulele has a body crafted entirely from walnut, which delivers crisp highs and a well-balanced low end. Its walnut body also produces a bright top end with woody, warm and earthy overtones. Additionally, the Ortega RUWN-CE will also develop a full, nicely-rich sound the more the ukulele is played as well as having great projection, perfect for acoustic performance.

Concert Cutaway Ukulele

The Ortega RUWN-CE Ukulele features a concert cutaway body, which produces a rich, clear sound that is able to accommodate numerous techniques and playing styles with ease. With its extended range and 18 frets, ukulele soloists are certain to benefit from having more room to be able perform technical skills as well as more advanced techniques. In addition, its cutaway profile offers added comfort whilst providing easy access to more challenging chords. Its concert body also enables the Ortega RUWN-CE to maintain a classic ukulele voice, as well as being slightly larger is size than its smaller soprano family member, enabling it to project more volume due to the extra room for sound to vibrate around the body.

Okoume Neck

Constructed from okoume, the Ortega's neck delivers similar tonal properties to maple, delivering a clear, bright tonality with good sustain and plenty of bite. The neck is finished in satin which enhances the wood's tone further, allowing it come alive for a superb tone. In addition, the okoume neck is topped with a techwood fingerboard which enhances the ukulele's overall sound as well as providing a smooth playing experience.

Ortega MagusUke Preamp & Pickup System

The RUWN-CE comes equipped with Ortega's MagusUke preamp and pickup system, perfect for on-stage performances and rehearsal settings. In addition, the preamp is easy-to-use and located on the upper bout of the ukulele. The preamp features rotary controls for volume and tone, offering players basic controls for shaping their own amplified sound for live environments. If that's not enough, the MagusUke has a convenient built-in tuner, providing precise and easy tuning for acoustic or amplified performances and practice sessions.

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