Blackstar HT-DISTX Pedal

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The HT-DISTX is a no compromise, ultra high gain, filth machine. The tone has been benchmarked against the best high-gain valve amps in the world and will transform your mild mannered classic into a fire breathing monster. The patent applied - for ISF control takes you from Classic British to Modern American and anywhere in between and the no compromise speaker emulated output lets you get it all down to tape or disk Genuine valve design Operates at 300V HT Cascaded valve gain stages Responds like a valve amp Unique enhanced tone controls Extreme gain and tone Exclusive Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) Fully equipped for stage or studio Speaker emulated output High integrity buffered bypass Power supply included Silent switching Feedback Andy Cairns - Therapy? I'm totally blown away by the HT-Pedals. The sound is amazing and the tone is very versatile indeed. Also loving the design and build. I'll be making the most of these in the studio and live! Reuben Gotto - Johnny Truant I just got back from playing Wacken, and the HT-DistX sounded absolutely killer - I didn't even bother setting up a distorted channel on the amp! The emulated output feature is f*cking awesome for recording too, and perfect for writing at home between tours. It's the heaviest sounding pedal I've ever played through bar none. Scott Middleton Cancer Bats I use the HT-DISTX so much more than my T**e Scr***er cos it sounds better! Its perfect for a solo boost or to beef up my tone a little bit when the engineers make me turn down my volume. Ross - The Ghost Frequency I've been using the HT-DISTX both live and in the studio and it sounds sick! I love the versatile range of the distortion and how thick and warm it sounds. It's definitely the best distortion pedal I've heard and the fact that its built like a tank is a huge bonus too! Griff - The Quireboys Blackstar gives me the best pure overdriven sound with a sturdy design that will last the distance on the road. The HT-DUAL pedal helps me push and control the sound the way I need. It really is 'the sound in your head'. Cheers to Blackstar! Sven Atle Kopperud - Dimmu Borgir The HT-DISTX tone cuts through like a hot knife in butter, or like a shovel through cement. In other words its killer! Nelsta High Society I just love the Blackstar sound. Its mean and precise. There was a hole in the market and Blackstar filled it! Stewart Mac I played through the HT-DISTX pedal in rehearsals and it's insane! The low end is amazing! Kav - Happy Mondays Blackstar pedals are by far the best guitar foot pedals Ive used to date. Live or in the studio the power is gigantic! The sound is big and whether you are playing to 70,000 people or 500 they have the same impact. I have used the pedal all over my new solo album and found myself unable to use my other pedals. Whether you want a Stones crunch a funky twang or a big wall of nose this is it! My Telecaster my Gretch or my Les Paul with my blackstar driven through my amps deliver nothing short of a killer sound! Gareth Davies Funeral For A Friend Blackstar pedals are the most solid, versatile and ballsy effects I have ever put in front of my rig. Big sounds from Little boxes. Gil Norton Producer FFAF, Foo Fighters, Pixies etc I have tried a set of the Blackstar HT pedals. Im using them in the studio and theyre amazing. The tone they produce through any amp is exceptional and the ISF control lets you pinpoint the exact sound you want. The speaker emulated output is the best Ive heard and is great for direct recording and re-voicing guitar tracks for mixing. They are a production dream Nikko James Spike and Friends The search is over.....Ive found the Holy Grail of Overdrive pedals! Jim Davies Victory Pill The HT-DISTX is pure value filth pedal is the pedal Ive been waiting for, a quite unique distortion which sounds unlike any of the other distortion pedals vie tried, I managed to get some fantastic un- guitar like and frankly un-god like sounds from it!!!-Im in. The HT-DISTX filth pedal sounds amazing, Ive recorded with it straight from the pedal into the desk and got great results, it filthier than a Blackpool hen party Jay Thompson Raging Speedhorn The pure valve filth HT-DISTX pedal is the heaviest sounding pedal Ive ever used...can't recommend it highly enough!!! If you need an awesomely heavy valve tone, the pure valve filth is the pedal for you...essential stuff. Dave Leslie Baby Animals I am really excited to be a part of the Blackstar revolution. If you're looking for guitar sounds that are organic, 3-dimensional and you can feel thru your fingertips, then you need to check these pedals out ASAP. Your ears will love you for it.

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